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GateX Cloud Platform extends its capabilities to IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence



25 years of experience in electronics, software engineering, research and development 


Real time and historical data accessible anytime, from anywhere on your mobile devices


Converting your field data to information and delivering it to your computers in real time

GateX Fleet Management Platform

All on a Single Dashboard

No more spreadsheets, manage your fleet, personnel, fuel consumption, maintenance & deliveries on an intuitive dashboard

Modular & Customizable

GateX platform is designed as modular and expandable to meet your today's & future needs

Real Time Information

Monitor your fleet's location, speed, routes, alerts, cargo temperature, service condition, jobs and deliveries in real time and on your mobile devices

Route Optimizer & Dispatch

Plan, Optimize, Dispatch & Monitor the routes and deliveries on a single click of the mouse


Use our enterprise-grade APIs to integrate GateX platform's data and reports with your existing ERP

Maintenance Module

Keep track of your vehicles' maintenance records, receive notifications when a service is due and let the system calculate the each vehicle's running cost for you

Fleet Management System

More than just a GPS tracking system!  While watching the locations and signals of your entire fleet on a single map could be exciting for a few weeks after implementing a GPS tracking system, the failure of such a system in addressing the main business problems makes it difficult for fleet operators to justify the recurring charges of keeping it up and running.

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • "Why am I hiring so many personnel to look after a system like this?"
  • "Was the system not supposed to reduce my daily task load?"  

GateX Fleet Manager application has the answers for you...


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GateX Route Optimizer

Save your time

Plan for your routes on a single click of a mouse.

Increase your profit

Optimized Routes, Less Fuel, More Profit

Reduce the waste

Shortest Routes, Less Traffic, Less Travel Time, Less depreciation

Improve Q.o.S

Planned Routes will ensure on time deliveries and increase quality of service

Hire new drivers

Drivers’ local experience is not a parameter any more

Pack your fleet size

Do the same job with less number of vehicles

Route Optimizer & Dispatch Application

GateX Dispatch Application is inclusive in the premium package. With Dispatch you can:

  • Enter vehicle configurations
  • Create routes and assign clients locations
  • Upload or define trip sheets
  • Apply delivery preferences
  • Optimize all of your routes on a single click of the mouse
  • Export to the navigators or workers’ mobile phones
  • Track, alert and report the route violations

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Petrochem Middle East FZE
M.K. SAJU - Logistics Head
We have installed the GateX Fleet Management System on our UAE Distribution Vehicles and it has tremendously helped us to improve the utilization of our Fleet to the maximum level. This system is very user-friendly and helps us to have the full information of each vehicles including its location, waiting time, fuel utilization, speed management etc. on a fingertip.
Pak International Energy
Ihsan Khan, Managing Director

We installed GateX Fuel Monitoring equipment on our fuel supply terminals all around the UAE. This has allowed us not only monitor our fuel inventories in real-time but also to control the transaction remotely even on our mobile devices, which is very convenient.

Fuel Suppliers and Traders

    Still using old LC meters with a mechanical display!

We can connect your meters to your laptop and mobile devices to monitor and control the deliveries remotely.

Receive daily reports of your site’s IN/OUT transactions with below details:

  • Purchased and Delivered Volumes
  • Time of each transaction
  • Location of deliveries of fuel supply tankers
  • Pump operator’s name
  • Receiving vehicle’s name

Five years history log instantly accessible on the servers

Lc Meter


GateX is committed to delivering advanced Monitoring Platforms to the society. Our real-time cloud based solutions address the needs of many industries.

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