• Aug 29, 17
  • admin

GateX Pinpoint can be found on Google Play Store. It is designed for you and can be used by your field personnel to capture your clients’ locations and upload them to your GateX Fleet Management Platform.

Upon completion of data capturing, your clients’ names will be seen on the map and will appear on the reports. Stop Points Report, Delivery Report, Site Visit Report and Detailed Trip Report will be more meaningful with your clients’ names on them. 

 In order to use the app:

  • Install GateX Pinpoint from Google Play Store and turn on your phone’s location service (GPS).
  • Use your GateX login credentials to log in to the app.
    • New users may contact GateX to get their AppID
  • Check “Remember me” to stay logged in even after you leave the app.

















The following screen will show up after logging in. Enter the name of the person collecting the location information, usually the driver, in the empty field.


We have provided two methods for data collection:

  1. Scanning barcodes
  2. Manual data entry

Please note that with both methods you should be in front of your client’s location and in position to capture the data.

To use the first method, scan the barcode related to your customer’s name or ID from your invoices or delivery notes.

If your invoices or delivery notes do not have a barcode and you still wish to use the Barcode Method, you can print the customer names, customer codes and barcodes of the customer codes (i.e. the customer codes converted to a barcode) on a single A4 sheet and scan the appropriate barcode once at each customer’s place.

To use the second method, you have to enter your customer’s information manually once at their location.

The most efficient way to add customer locations is to use the drivers in your Delivery or Sales Fleet as they visit your clients regularly.

The new location information will automatically be uploaded to our GateX Server and validated by our support team after which you will be able to manage and link them to your Fleet Management Account.

Your phone does not need to be connected to a data network when scanning or capturing the locations; the app will store all of the information in the phone’s local memory and will upload them once within WIFI range.

As a final note, please make sure to keep your phone's location services ON at all times when using the app. This will ensure the accuracy of the captured coordinates.

Please feel free to contact GateX at admin@gatex.us.com for any assistance or to request workshop sessions.