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GateX Innovations is specialized in data acquisition and transmission and cloud based data processing systems. Our microcontrollers capture the data from the measurement instruments and transmit them to GateX Cloud servers where the data is transformed to events and actionable information. You can access your operation anytime, from anywhere on your mobile devices and take necessary actions on alarms or check your inventory precisely. One of our recent developments is based on 3D scanners for cement and aggregates, which can 3D model, calculate and report the Volume and Min and Max Levels in the silos.


The system will provide you with real-time information about your silos’ inventory and will show you the build-up of the cement on the walls of each silo on a 3D rendered image, a solution that can never be built based on single-point level sensors such as GWR, Ultrasonic, Non-contact Radar and such legacy measurement devices.



The 3D Scanner scans the entire surface area of any kind of bulk solids stored in large silos, open bins and stockpiles, and generates highly accurate measures of the level and volume of the contents. Silos of up to 15 meters in diameter and up to 70 meters in height can be measured with a single device; in addition, multiple devices can be jointly used to measure larger silos. The scanners are using dust-penetrating technology enabling them to overcome the challenges of harsh, dusty environments regardless of the type or characteristics of the material being stored. Our 3D modeling software provides a real time 3D render of the contents including material build-up and other irregularities that form over time. This information is made available on your laptops, mobile devices and smart phones to help prevent costly maintenance. The scanner is also using a self-cleaning technique to keep its antennas clean from any dust or build-up and ensure sustainable measurement.

Thanks to the advanced surface scanning technology, the 3D scanner can be used for any solid material storage facility such as open bins and bunkers. 



GateX is committed to delivering advanced Monitoring Platforms to the society. Our real-time cloud based solutions address the needs of many industries.

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