Route Optimizer & Dispatch Application

GateX Route Optimizer is inclusive in the premium package of GateX Fleet Management Platform. Using the Route Optimizer you will save up to 20% on your fleet size, travelled distance and running cost of the vehicles. You will improve the quality of service by experiencing on time deliveries and your dispatch team's time won't be wasted on drawing manual route plans any more. 

The software provides you with a single click route optimization feature for your entire fleet and tens of thousands of destinations. GateX Route Optimizer takes plenty of attributes such as vehicle capacities, working hours, rest time, customers' preferred time to receive the merchandise, road restrictions and vehicle specifications, traffic trend and whether conditions and many more parameters into consideration before making a route for you.

The mobile workers and drivers will receive their route plan on their tablets and smart phones to navigate them to the destinations. Moreover, all of their activity is monitored by the GPS tracking platform on a minute by minute update to make sure they have followed the plan; the exceptions are highlighted in real time and a copy of them is sent to your emails on a daily report format.

Dispatch Delivery Fleet

Vehicle Configurations

  • Vehicle Types such as bus, truck, pickup, car, bike
  • Vehicles road restrictions
  • Drivers’ working hours
  • Vehicles' capacities
  • Fuel type and consumption
  • Break time and permitted places
Station Client Point of Interest

Stations & Client Locations

  • Add by tapping on the map
  • Import  Excel sheets of your POIs
  • Define preferred time windows for the stations
  • Define delivery capacities  
  • Define regular service durations
Dispatch Zone


  • Define geo-fences on the map
  • Fine-tune imported geo-fences
  • Use the geo-fences in the route optimization 
Dispatch Optimize


  • Apply filters and operational rules to the routes
  • Reverse route calculation
  • Apply your local knowledge
  • Add stations or waypoints to existing routes
Plan Route

Route Optimization

  • Leave the route optimization to the system
  • Thousands of stations and large fleets are assigned to the routes on a single click of the mouse
  • Detailed information of routes duration & routes distance station by station

Export & Navigate

  • Send the itinerary  to navigators and mobile phones
  • Print the routes for the drivers
  • Export to KML for 3rd party applications
  • Send the route changes during the day to the drivers over the air
Track Report

Track, Alert & Report

  • Real time alerts for the deliveries and completed jobs
  • Reports the Arrival Time, Departure Time and Delivery Duration on each station
  • SMS & email notifications to the supervisors on delays at the stations
  • Alerts on route deviations
  • Notifications on live traffic jams

Messaging & Chat

Messaging & Chat

  • Message online to the onboard navigators of the vehicles
  • Get drivers’ feedbacks on your screen
  • Get a call request from the drivers on your dashboard


GateX is committed to delivering advanced Monitoring Platforms to the society. Our real-time cloud based solutions address the needs of many industries.

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