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Flow Measurement Solutions

GateX offers innovative while cost effective solutions for Flow Monitoring applications. Regardless of the material type and application, GateX onsite micro controllers can capture the amount of flow passes through the pipes and valves and transmit it to GateX cloud servers for further reporting and analysis. At the same time, the captured volume and flow rate is displayed on the standard digital screen of GateX controllers to eliminate the use of any additional display if your flow meter doesn’t have one. 

Our micro controllers use the standard Modbus protocol on the advanced flow meters or captures pulses of NPN, Sine Wave, Reed or standard RS232 ASCII if the flow meter doesn’t provide a communication protocol. The results are transmitted to GateX cloud servers for online viewing and history logging. You can access your flow data anytime from anywhere on your mobile devices. You can also define high and low flow rate alarms and notifications to ensure flow continuity in the pipes at every corner of your offshore plant. This eliminated the need of regular inspections and increased the production reliability of your operations.

We can also read the pulse output of the magnetic or RF transducers of the flow meters to communicate with the most known market flow meters made by market leaders like Liquid Control and Badger Meter whether or not it is a mechanical or electronic model and regardless of the flow meter’s working concept.

GateX Flow Monitoring Solution is widely used in

  • Oil and Gas,
  • Fuel Supply & Distribution
  • Dairy and Beverages,
  • Lubricant Production,
  • Petrochemical Supply Chain and,
  • Water Metering applications.


GateX is committed to delivering advanced Monitoring Platforms to the society. Our real-time cloud based solutions address the needs of many industries.

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