Fuel Supply Monitoring

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Connect your existing Flow Meters to GateX Cloud & monitor your site on the go... 

Now converting your fuel tankers to RFID Nozzle Fueling System




Fuel Supply Monitoring 

GateX Fuel Supply Monitoring system connects your fuel tankers and bowsers' existing flow meters to your computers and mobile phones. We don't ask you to re-invest or replace any of your existing meters or pumps; our Fuel Monitoring and data capturing equipment connects your existing meters to GateX Cloud Servers.

You can access your operations anytime from anywhere using your login credentials and check your transactions and fuel inventory. You can also create any number of accounts and usernames for your end users and clients to monitor the volume of the fuel delivered to their locations or to each of their vehicles, machines or equipment, logged with the license plate number of the fleet. 

Our RFID Nozzle Fueling System can be implemented on your fuel bowsers and delivery trucks now. The RFID Nozzle authenticates the RFID tag or RFID rings which are installed next to the fuel tank's inlet and monitors it continuously to help prevent any fuel fraud at the time of fueling. 

  Online Monitoring System


GateX Fuel Supply Monitoring system covers all components in the Fuel Supply Chain, from the terminal or sea port where your bulk fuel tankers receive the fuel to your local storage tanks, to the portable delivery tankers and the end user fleet or tanks. It records the details of In & Out transactions along with the time and location information.

  • Authenticates the receiving vehicle by Ibutton tag, RFID tag, Fingerprint of the drivers or Barcodes of the delivery orders.
  • Measures the dispensed volume and transmits the data to GateX Cloud Servers.
  • Logs the information on the servers for five years.
  • Generates Inward/Outward Reports which include:
    • Time and Location
    • Vehicle’s plate number
    • Dispensed Volume
    • Fuel Operator's Name
    • Trip Sheet or Delivery Order Number
  • Provides you with RAPID API to integrate the results into your ERP software.


The system is based on GateX innovative Fuel~X micro controllers. Fuel~X is programmed to address your business problems; it authenticates the fuel receiving entity, controls the pumps and valves, and monitors the flow and level in real time and logs and transmits the events to your computers.

  Vehicle flow meter

Fuel~X has an embedded GPS, GPRS and satellite modems to report the location of your tankers and bowsers and to communicate the system events to our cloud based services whether in metropolitan areas or in the offshore terminals. You can stop paying for your existing GPS trackers of your tankers, Fuel~X Provides you with a full featuredFleet Management Solution at no extra cost.



GateX is committed to delivering advanced Monitoring Platforms to the society. Our real-time cloud based solutions address the needs of many industries.

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