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Real Time Level Monitoring


Many commercial processes depend on storage tanks to store raw materials, contain final products before selling out or being used as a repository for distribution systems. Making the tanks’ information available to the users in real-time, GateX tank level monitoring, has high process and commercial value and translates to economic value directly. 

Fuel Monitoring Horizontal Tank
Values monitored by Fuel~X are fed to its on-board algorithms to detect certain process and system events such as drainage or unload, fueling or load, overfill or empty alarms. Sampled level values are recorded in our cloud services to be used for further reporting and analysis.
While real time level monitoring of liquids in a stationary tank seems relatively simple (despite that for eliminating the errors of turbulence and vapors, the right measurement instrument should be utilized), measuring and monitoring the volume of a solid or slurry material like cement, grains and powders can be a very daunting task due to the build-ups on the tank walls and the unleveled surface of the material. 
Oil Tanks
GateX Level Monitoring system is above all in modeling the exact state and 3D shape of the material and calculating the volume of the material by reading 32 points of its surface and converting them to a 3D shape in real time.
We have integrated the protocols and can utilize a wide range of the industry standard sensors and level transmitters such as Guided Wave Radar, Non-contact Radar, Ultrasonic and Capacitive technology sensors. 

GateX Fuel~X Platform operates attached to the measuring instruments and guarantees highly accurate measurements of the fluctuating liquid level of mobile tankers and fuel transportation tankers.


GateX is committed to delivering advanced Monitoring Platforms to the society. Our real-time cloud based solutions address the needs of many industries.

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