• Mar 25, 17
  • arman

How to define service schedules:

In this guide we will explain to you how to define schedules for the regular services such as oil change, filter change and tire change, and get notification on your computers or mobile phones once a service is due.

Login to the dashboard and click on Live Trace, then select “Schedules” under Service menu on the top menu bar:

Click on “Add new schedule” button on the Schedules window and give a meaningful name for your schedule to easily recognize it when the number of schedules grows, e.g. Oil Change 5000.

Then click on “Add Event” button and configure the event as below:

  • Measuring variable:
    • Time: if the service is due by passing a time period.
    • Odometer: if the service is due by running certain KM.

          Examples of time period are for Battery Replacement of the vehicles or Engine Oil in agriculture tractors which should be changed after a certain time of running the engine.

  • Expires:
    • When an interval has passed since last service (default)
    • Once
    • At regular intervals

          Keep this on default.

  • Interval: select the interval according to what you have selected for Measuring variable, either by KM or by days-weeks-months.
  • Reminder: under the reminder choose whether you need SMS or email for the notifications and select the number of days or kilometers that the system should notify you in advance. (i.e. earlier that the due date)

Then proceed to the next section and check for Unit only. Save the schedule and close the window.

Please note that you can define more than one event within a schedule. This is useful when you want to trigger either by this or the other event, whichever happens sooner.

Now that the definitions are completed, you should Log the related event for each vehicle once a service is done; which means simply wait for any upcoming service bill for a vehicle, then log that event to trigger the counter for the next period of this vehicle.

To Log an event, select “Status” under the Service menu on the top menu bar.

Select the vehicle on the Status window and click on Log Event. A new window will open which allows you to enter the KM at which the service was done and then click on Log.

The Status window also provides you with the current status of the services, how many days or how many kilometers remain to the next service.

Please make sure that you have sent the current odometer reading of each vehicle to admin@gatex.us.com to upload them to the system without which the Service plugin cannot be activated.