• Mar 25, 17
  • arman

Driver Master

The Driver Master Module enables fleet managers to access personal and contact details for each of your drivers and get notified when documents such as passports, visas, and driver’s licenses are about to expire.

Activating Driver Master allows you to identify who is driving each vehicle via our provided Driver ID Kits, generate Driving Score KPIs and Timesheet Reports and calculate overtime and incentives to help clarify the payroll.

Getting Started

  • Login to your Dashboard and click on Driver Master..

You will be directed to the module’s page where you can view or enter your drivers’ information such as passport number,  driver's license number, and their expiry dates.

Previously entered information can be modified by admin users. To edit a row, simply click on it and press enter once finished. Just like working with an Excel sheet!

  • You can activate automated alerts for when passports or driver’s  licenses are about to expire by clicking on the Alerts Settings button shown below:


  • You can also define up to 10 columns and set their periods, then tick the box to activate them. If you set an alert’s period as 15, you will be alerted 15 days before the expiration date.