• Mar 25, 17
  • arman

Maintenance Module

The Maintenance Module enables fleet managers to keep track of maintenance bills, spare parts and expenses of each vehicle, each division or your entire fleet .

You can calculate the running cost of individual vehicles and monitor repair and maintenance expenses to control and minimize expenditure.

Getting Started

  • Login to your Dashboard and click on Maintenance.

You will be directed to the Bill Entry form of the module to enter your new bills or modify the existing ones.

  • If you have already entered your Suppliers, Categories and Spare Parts into the database, you can start entering the bills.

Otherwise, simply use the sidebar to access each section and shape your database:


  • Once in the Bill Entry, select the Supplier and Invoice Number then click on Proceed.

            If the invoice is not pre-existing, a new document will automatically be created.

            Select vehicle(s) and start entering the bill.

  • The control buttons are located at the bottom of the page and will be activated once you select the vehicle.


Hover the mouse on each button to see its function.

  • Previously entered bills can be modified and saved as new documents by admin users. To edit a row, simply click on it and press enter once finished. Just like working with an Excel sheet!