• Aug 06, 14
  • admin

Vehicle Master

The Vehicle Master Module enables fleet managers to:

  • Access detailed registration information on each of your vehicles such as plate number, registration and insurance expiration, vehicle model, make, type and capacity descriptions and create custom fields for your country-specific needs.
  • Avoid fines and maximize fleet utilization through automated alerts and reminders for when registrations, licenses or any of the fields are about to expire.

Getting Started

  • Login to your Dashboard and click on Vehicle Master.

You will be directed to the page where you can view or enter your fleet’s information such as plate number, registration date, and registration expiry.

Previously entered information can be modified by admin users. To edit a row, simply click on it and press enter once finished. Just like working with an Excel sheet!

You can activate automated alerts for when registrations, insurance, permissions or licenses are about to expire by clicking on the Alerts Settings button shown below:

The pre-existing alerts include Registration and Insurance expiry, whose periods are 15 days so you will be alerted 15 days before they expire.

You can also define up to 10 fields after these pre-existing alerts and set their periods, then tick the box to activate them.